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Shooter Traps

There is a danger in Palm Tree Island, the place is cover with Traps that shoot from distance. Be careful when exploring this place :D

(Set browser to 100% zoom to see crispy images)


  • Cannon and Cannon Ball
  • Seashell and Pearl
  • Totems (3 Heads) and Wood Spike
  • Palm Tree Island level not included


Cannon and Cannon Ball:

  • Cannon Fire
  • Cannon Fire Effect
  • Cannon Hit
  • Cannon Destroyed (3 pieces)
  • Cannon Ball Explosion
  • Cannon Ball Destroyed (3 pieces)

Seashell and Pearl:

  • Seashell Fire
  • Seashell Opening
  • Seashell Bite
  • Seashell Hit
  • Seashell Destroyed (4 pieces)
  • Pearl Destroyed (2 Pieces)

Totems and Wood Spike:

  • Head 1 Fire
  • Head 1 Hit
  • Head 1 Destroyed (4 pieces)
  • Head 2 Fire
  • Head 2 Hit
  • Head 2 Destroyed (4 pieces)
  • Head 3 Fire
  • Head 3 Hit
  • Head 3 Destroyed (4 pieces)
  • Wood Spike Destroyed (2 Pieces)


Files info:

  • Package contain Aseprite files (editable)
  • All images are in PNG format
  • Animations come in separate images 
  • Animations run at 10 FPS or 100 MS  


  • If you purchase the assets, this license grants you the right to use the game assets provided in any number of non-commercial and commercial projects.
  • You are allowed to modify the game assets. 
  • No attribution is required.
  • Do not distribute or sell the game assets, except if they are content files of your non-commercial or commercial project.


Get this asset pack and 6 more for $10.00 USD
View bundle
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Oh nice! Very interesting traps. I think I should add this to the collection!

Thanks LVG Games ;)