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The King Human came to recover his kingdom from the called "Green Skins". He has a big heavy hammer that can throw any Pig to the air, but is not gonna be so easy. Pigs are well organized guides by the one and only, The King Pig. They also have boxes and bombs to throw to you at any time, without mentioning that they also have cannons that spit FIREEEEE !!!


  • King Human (10 animations)
  • King Pig  (8 animations)
  • Pig  (24 animations)
  • Box
  • Bomb and Explosion
  • Cannon, Ball and Explosion
  • Diamond
  • Heart
  • Life and Diamond Bar
  • Dialogue boxes
  • Door
  • Complete Tile-set (108 pieces)

Files type:

  • Sprite images in .PNG
  • Aseprite files (editable)


  • All animations runs at 10 FPS or 100 MS.


-All Assets in this pack can be used for Personal and Commercial projects. You are permitted to use the Licensed Content in unlimited Commercial projects. You are free to modify or change any of the assets to fit your creative needs. 

-You are NOT permitted to re-sell, sublicense, or distribute assets to third parties as standalone files. 

 -Credit is not necessary but much appreciated.

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Man, this is so cool! I would pay for this, but I'm too poor beginner developer :( sry

Hehe, it is ok, just enjoy it :D


Thanks! For this asset

Enjoy it :D


Hi mate, great asset pack. I will use it for my "Learn this game dev thing using Godot". Thank you very much for making this free. Always a lot more fun wen you have something pretty to look at.

However,  how the hell do you autotile these. My autotiling for the outer walls are flipped i.e. If I draw a "box" the ground is on the outside.

Hi, thanks for those kind words. I don't know how Godot works, but all the pieces are complete, so it is possible that you only have a bad placement of the tiles :D


Ok,  thank you. I will see if I can figure it out. Cheers.


It becomes free!!

Thanks your awesome asset pack.

hehe, have fun with it :D


Super cute!

Thanks :D


Great asset to practice A.I with unity.

(2 edits) (+2)

And someday this asset pack will be free?

Not this one. But I'm gonna keep be releasing more Free Assets time to time :D

(1 edit) (+2)

are the FX included also: for example, the bomb explosion fx and also the cannon firing and the fx out of its barrel? one last question: are these characters 32x32 or some other size?

(2 edits)

Yes !!!
-All the animations in the images are included in the pack

-It is a 32x32 grid for the Tilesets, here are the characters in the grid to give you a better idea about there size :D